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The grounds

‘Fort Hazegras’ is located in the characteristic polders behind the Zwin. The protected site with bunker ruins is the perfect location for this not so ordinary Bed & Breakfast.


Your playground

Heritage with a touch of luxury

The contemporary top-class architecture with rough materials and a clean design reflects the rustic character of the grounds.

The rural estate has a rich history going back to 1785. The Austrian emperor Joseph II built ‘Fort Hazegras’ to protect the new Hazegrass lock. The Germans occupied the fort during WW I & II. The 5 stone bunkers that encircle the grounds are silent witnesses to those turbulent times.

Now the bunkers are a shelter for our chickens, bees and sheep. So, breakfast here comes with fresh eggs, homemade honey and a splendid view over the polders.

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Contact us

Reserve your room for a unique stay or contact us for your event in The Bunkers. Dream, wake up, eat, relax, work out, chill, party, sleep & repeat!

Burkeldijk 18
B-8300 Knokke-Heist

+32 (0)476 70 72 73

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